ModeDetector vs. Precompiler Directives

Disclaimer: This solution does not apply to multi-framework targeting.

The problem

Regularly, I do a lot of refactoring, which means renaming classes and methods. Tools help a lot to rename dependencies and all dependent code. But sometimes, tools cannot determine the correct refactoring for commented-out code. But why care about commented-out code? Because code, which has pre-compiler directives and is not included in the current configuration is „commented-out code“ from a compiler perspective. The following snippet shows an example.

My preferred solution is a class that encapsulates the code with the pre-compiler directive. The code is as simple and compiler-safe as possible and works for all configurations. This is a code, which returns the pre-compiler settings in a compiler-safe way.

Now, the directive can be used in a refactoring-safe way.




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