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  • OneNote as Bullet Journal

    Bullet Journaling For a couple of years, I use the technique of a bullet journal to get my days, weeks, and months organized. I am not someone who can handicraft for hours as relaxation. So my bullet journal was just a huge book with handwritten notes and a default calendar so I don’t need to […]

  • Create C# SMTP Server

    It took a while to find a library which provides a SMTP server. There are a lot of SMTP clients out there, but the number of SMTP servers seems very limited. Finally, I found a library SmtpServer with an SMTP server and several hooks to extend the functionality. Open port 25 The documentation is straightforward […]

  • Pre-Compiler Directives That Make Sense

    The [last blog article](/posts/sonar_code_duplicates/) was dealing with the same linked file in different projects. A reason could be, that some code needs to be compiled with different frameworks. In my case, I had to compile business logic with Microsoft CSOM for SharePoint 2016 and Microsoft CSOM for SharePoint Online. The API is more or less […]

  • SonarQube Code Duplicates

    Sometimes you need to copy code between different projects for several reasons. It is required that the same class has to be in both projects e.g. a class that is compiled with different frameworks. But this has a negative impact on code analysis results regarding code duplicates. So let’s take an analysis result of a […]

  • Dynamically create a generic using reflection

    A long time ago I created a class which helps create a sut for unit testing. This class is generic and has the type of the sut as a generic parameter. Details see ContextFor<> zum Testen des SUT. Now, I was trying to use the `ContextFor<T>` in a data-driven test which passes the type as […]

  • Lazy loading of assemblies can be tricky

    NUnit error message on data-driven test: `Test` is Inconclusive ReSharper Test Runner warning: Element `Test` was left pending after its run completion. Recently I was doing some testing and trying to check if all classes have a corresponding test class. Therefore I used data-driven NUnit tests, which uses a list of all classes in non-test […]