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  • Azure pipeline fails with „no net70 support“

    Azure pipeline fails with „no net70 support“

    The Azure pipeline stopped working on Friday afternoon for no reason. It even stopped on the main branch although it was working before and the pull request build was green. I got the following error message with random packages. ##[error]The nuget command failed with exit code(1) and error(NU1202: Package <Random Package> x.y.z is not compatible…

  • Azure Pipelines & CAST Highlight

    Azure Pipelines & CAST Highlight

    The CAST Highlight tool is just another static code analysis tool and part of our SecDevOps portfolio. So the task was to integrate it into the Azure pipeline after creating a tag. Failure #1 The first attempt to use the Azure Marketplace Add-In did not work for me. It returns that a wrong Java version…